Why choose Filmar over another ITAD firm?

Our focus has always been on providing the very best assets and service to our clients on a long term basis. We value the relationships that we have with our clients, and will always be available to discuss strategies to help you succeed in your business. Our spirit of continuous learning and thoughtful service is at the core of our identity at Filmar. We will go the extra mile to keep you on the cutting edge, while working within your budget.



What is ITAD anyway?

I.T.A.D. Stands for Information Technology Asset Disposition. It is the practice of finding the best means to deal with off-lease or outdated equipment in an environmentally conscious and economically effective manner. At Filmar, we cover all aspects of ITAD from refurbishing and remarketing gently used assets, to environmentally sound disposal of obsolete and end-of-life assets.



My company handles sensitive data for clients. How can we take advantage of asset remarketing and know that the process is safe?

All of our data destruction processes meet and exceed Department of Defense standards for data destruction. We are equipped to efficiently handle the wiping of all data from your assets prior to destruction or remarketing. Further, we offer site collection and secure storage of any and all assets, preventing the possibility of any data breach.



Our computers are so old and worthless. What do you do with assets that no longer hold any value?

Obsolete and end-of-life assets must still be disposed of with the utmost care. At Filmar, we bleach any and all data from hard drives and servers prior to beginning the disposal process, and then painstakingly disassemble all assets to eliminate unnecessary e-waste. Finally, we work with a local refiner who breaks down and recycles the bare metals for minimum environmental impact.



Aren’t refurbished assets inferior to brand new?

Most people think working on refurbished equipment is somehow inferior to purchasing brand new. This thinking is flawed for several reasons, one of which is that not all “brand new” assets are the best for your use. There can be issues that crop up over the first few years of product use that have been worked out on slightly more experienced equipment. Our refurbishing process ensures that the off-lease equipment we offer is ready to suit your needs. Most of the products we offer are built to handle high levels of corporate use, and are often no more than three years old. In this way, you may be able to purchase our refurbished assets at a fraction of the cost of less effective “brand new” equipment.



My company has a limited budget. How can we afford to update our IT equipment without going broke?

We work with all budget levels to find the best solutions for you. Whether we replace department by department or computer by computer, we can help guide you to an upgrade that will benefit your company tremendously without killing your budget.



We want to replace all of our equipment at once. How do we get started?

Filmar provides the superior service that you need to update all of your equipment in one fell swoop. We pick up, transport, securely store, data wipe, and even remarket your used assets all through our proven processes with minimum burden on you. We can then help facilitate your purchase of updated off-lease equipment, and even provide you with setup services so that your company can hit the ground running with updated technology and minimum interruption to your business. Simply email sales@filmar.com to get started.



More questions or comments? Email sales@filmar.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.