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In May 2016 of last year, we at Filmar launched our certified off-lease technology program directed at finding I.T. solutions for schools and educational institutions. We specialize in business quality refurbished I.T. computer equipment as a cost savings solution, packed with an above industry standard warranty.

Often, schools and government institutions are looking for ways to pay as little as possible and to stretch their budget without compromising capacity and quality.


Limited Funds

School districts want I.T. equipment that performs and lasts much longer than other schools with higher technology budgets. Our Filmar certified refurbished equipment gives the schools what they want, within their budget.

The majority of schools are trying to keep up with the constant I.T. sector upgrades utilizing a limited budget. By replacing one grade level or department at a time with refurbished I.T. assets, we are able to lower the pressure on the school budget.

Don’t Hesitate

Initially, schools and government institutions are very hesitant to purchase off-lease computers. However, it is possible to accomplish so much more with less money by turning toward refurbished I.T. equipment. In this way, Filmar is the perfect fit for most replacement projects.

It is likely that several years may pass before the majority of school districts and can afford ‘new’ equipment. Time is not something that schools can afford to waste. Students need to be learning on the updated technology that they will need to be familiar with in today’s extremely competitive workforce.

Lower Costs, Better Schools, Cleaner Environment

We believe that this is a perfect opportunity for our schools and government to go green, while saving some ‘green.’ Our goal is to replace aging school computers, laptops, and monitors for the betterment of our educational system.

Filmar’s refurbishment program provides updated hardware while keeping more obsolete I.T. assets out of our landfills.

  We have many relationships with various government institutions in the education and healthcare sector, combined with private clients in the U.S., Canada, and other countries.

We offer 1 year 3 year and even 5 year warranties on selected products

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