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Filmar Technologies is an ITAD business! 

We purchase as many I.T. assets as we can, including off-lease, end-of-life, and obsolete I.T. equipment. We audit and test their functionality, destroy the data to DOD standards (i.e. Standard DOD 5220.22-M or US DOD 5220.22-M) and re-market refurbished assets that still have value.

We have been in the I.T. Industry for over 20 years.

We guarantee that your end-of-life IT assets will be properly sorted and recycled by our 1% Landfill Policy. All E-waste is sent to EPA Approved, R2 Certified, ISO 14001, 9001, OHSAS 18001 entities.

We handle tens of thousands IT assets each month from all types of industry verticals. Our goal is to manage asset recovery to achieve the highest recovery with the highest volume in a global environment. We are focused on aligning forward and reverse logistics.


Filmar knows that managing the security for a multinational or global company requires a balance of standardization and compliance that provides the highest security with the maximum operational efficiency. Filmar can integrate our capabilities and provide centralized comfort, local resources, and technology expertise we deliver a premium solution and to your single location or your entire global enterprise.

ITAD. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. What can we do for you?

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Here is how to contact us

Filmar Technologies LLC
14125 Simone Drive
Shelby Township Michigan 48315

Phone 586-580-2524 Dial extension 7


Filmar Technologies set out to provide a service for a growing industry which was in need of computer equipment remarketing and eco friendly computer liquidation. At Filmar Technologies we cover a dynamic array of IT Asset Remarketing and IT Asset Disposal services.


Our offices and warehouse are located in Shelby Township, Michigan. Please feel free to drop by and get in touch with us. Use the Contact page to find your way to our office or to send us a message.


Filmar Technologies is an environmentally conscientious company providing economically efficient and environmentally-responsible alternatives to organizations who want to sell or dispose of their obsolete IT equipment. We provide a secure service for our clients while benefiting the environment. Filmar is truly the most unique IT Asset Recovery Service in Michigan.


All team members of Filmar Technologies put in their maximum effort to make sure that our services exceed our clients’ expectations. We have highly skilled IT technicians, sales representatives with well developed sales channels, experienced warehouse crew members and a leadership team that is ready to sit down and listen to every concern that you have.


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