IT Equipment Recycling

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Filmar’s IT Equipment Recycling program exceeds EPA Standards.

Eventually, all computer components reach their final stage or “end-of-life.” At Filmar, we know that IT equipment that can no longer be sold must be properly recycled without harming the environment. Filmar Technologies provides IT equipment recycling services that conscientiously recycle components according to EPA regulations. We ensure that all components are evaluated carefully and that the best recycling method is used for each type of material or component. The remaining pieces are ground down to bare metals by our certified local refiner.

All IT equipment recycling is conducted according to state and federal regulations

Filmar Technologies Guarantees that no dangerous materials or components end up in local landfills

Complete report submitted on the recycling process for end-of-life IT equipment

Our IT asset recycling service is perfect for all sorts of computer equipment. We can assist with laptop recycling and monitor recycling which contain a lot of harmful materials and must be recycled according to EPA regulations. To find out more about our computer recycling services, please contact us.

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