About the Expert Phil Biundo Michigan, WHERE I GREW UP

About the expert Phil Biundo

Michigan, WHERE I GREW UP, is where you can’t drive until age 16. Until then, you’re required to have a permit and sensible adult in the car with you.

It’s a law that made what I did in 1994 a weeks before my birthday very dumb.

Phil Biundo

I watched from a bathroom window as my parents left to go on a church sabbatical for the day, waiting to make sure my parent’s friends car disappeared into the horizon. I put on my down feathered jacket with a hoodie to help hide my face. I went into the garage and climbed in the seat of my dads new 1994 V8 Northstar Cadillac. I pulled out, trying to quickly get out of the subdivision until I could open her up.

I tried to hit the hard turns just like on TV, then I would double back for a second shot and put a bit more geforce on the next run. It was 20 minutes of pure irresponsible driving. Ask any card nerd, but that car had the Corvette engine in it which spawned why I did what I did.

Made it home without a dent but only little smoke coming from the steering column but it went away when I shut the car off. I put the seats back in its normal position, and dialed the radio back to its regular place. Nobody really knows this story not even my parents. When they read this they might possibly laugh.

Operating this company, I felt the same hesitation that hit me before I decided to get in that car. It would mean being a leader in charge of something Innovative and challenging, and owned by someone who, if I wreked it, would be naturally angry at me.

Today I am glad My wife and our leadership team have helped build a family-owned company that requires the same kind of trust Filmar Technologies been giving its customers for many years-the kind of trust that convinced me to avoid buying new, trying refurbished products, and give a thought at where our used electronics end up. I hope that, in this blog, I can give you a bit of what that drive gave me.

Phil Biundo


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