Used Dell Servers

We Buy Used Dell Servers

Filmar Technologies is one of the country’s largest buyers of servers. We purchase servers in mass and at better than expected costs so you can dispose of warehousing costs and decrease your carbon impression, all while getting the most return that you invested.

Got inventory of used Dell IT hardware? call Filmar today for the best prices for your equipment.

We Buy Used Dell Hardware

Ready to sell your used Dell Equipment? We are ready to buy them in bulk and at the Best market prices. We are bulk buyers who accept and purchase any used servers and other IT Equipment brands. Please see the Products We Buy. Some models that we are currently interested in include:

  • Dell PowerEdge 1u Servers — R6525, R230, R240, R320, R6415, R340, R420, R430, R440, R610, R620, R630, R640, C1100, C4130, C4140, R6415, R6515
  • Dell PowerEdge 2u Servers — R740, R520, R810, R540, R710, R720, R720xd, R730, R730xd,, R740xd, R820, R830, R840, C2100, C6100, C6220, C6320
  • Dell PowerEdge 4u Servers — R940, R920, R930
  • Dell PowerEdge Blade Servers — M1000e, M520, M620, M630, M640, M820, M830
  • Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers — T640, T40, T630, T140, T310, T320, T330, T340, T410, T440

If you don’t see your server model on the rundown, contact us with details of your IT equipment and get back to you instantly. We buy more than just used IT equipment. We accept all types of Dell Equipment, including Dell Powervault Storage and Dell PowerConnect Switches.

Get a Free Quote for Your Used Dell Hardware

Filmar Technologies provides fair liquidation prices, and fast removal of your excess used IT Equipment. We are here to help you. You can contact us on our number by email or complete our quick form for a free quote, and Filmar’s Assessment Specialist will promptly respond to you. Add a spreadsheet of your used IT hardware to help speed up the process.

Dell PowerEdge 2u Server overview

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