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Who Buys Used Computers for More? Filmar Technologies Does!

At Filmar Technologies, we buy used computer equipment and other IT hardware at some of the industry’s highest prices. We are one of the leading asset management companies in Michigan, we provide best-of-breed computer liquidation services which enable companies with excess IT equipment to sell used computer hardware for the highest possible return on their investment.

Selling excess or used computer hardware to computer hardware liquidators like Filmar technologies lead to injecting your revenue back into a company’s core business and allows companies to accomplish several operational goals, including:

  • Lessen the total cost of ownership
  • Getting rid of the cost associated with warehousing the unused equipment
  • Making usable workspace if housing the equipment on site
  • Increasing the return on the initial cost of the equipment

Where to Sell Used Computer Hardware and IT Equipment?

The idea of getting rid of your old, outdated IT hardware and turning it usable for your business might sound like a great idea, but you may be asking yourself, “Where can I sell used computer equipment?

At Filmar, We Buy Used Computer Equipment and other IT hardware of all makes and models, including:

We also accept all manufacturers, including HP, DELL, SUN, IBM, CISCO, and many other manufacturers of network hardware. When you sell used computer hardware to Filmar, you can rest assured that your end-of-life IT assets will be properly sorted and recycled by our 1% landfill policy. All E-waste is sent to EPA Approved, R2 Certified, ISO 14001, 9001, OHSAS 18001 entities.

Sell Your Used Computer Equipment 

Whether your company is relocating, merging, downsizing, or implementing newer technology. You can sell used Laptops and related IT hardware to us. You can contact filmar by calling our number, by email, or complete our quick form, and a Filmars Assessment Specialist will instantly respond to you. Please include a spreadsheet of your used computer hardware to help expedite the process.

We Buy Used Computer Equipment

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