We Buy Used Cisco UCS Servers

Filmar Buy Used Cisco UCS Servers

If you are having an inventory of used Cisco UCS servers in the storage facility, then you could be sitting on a financial resource for your company. We Buy Used Cisco UCS Servers. Cisco servers retain a fair share of their value on the secondary market, so with the right brokerage company behind you, you may be able to get a measurable return on your investment.

At Filmar, we specialized in helping our clients to achieve the highest returns on their IT assets. Filmar is a full-service liquidation and brokerage company. This means we have the experience of handling every stage of the buying and selling process. We have a team of professionals for each step, from our equipment assessment specialists to our marketing and sales team. For many years, we have built highly respected relationships with buyers worldwide. Allow us to outfit the force of our associations with assistance to help get you a higher return on your used Cisco Servers.

Sell Used Cisco UCS Servers in Bulk 

At Filmar Technologies, we understand that you are having one make or model of networking server that is slim. We Buy Used Cisco UCS Servers. We buy all models of used Cisco servers in addition to all makes and models of networking equipment in general. When you partner with Filmar, you’re not left with a storeroom that’s still half-filled with leftover equipment.

Some models carry higher values on the secondary market, and In that cases where your servers hold no resale value, we can perform affordable EPA-compliant e-waste recycling and disposal.

We are currently interested in purchasing some models, includes

    • Cisco UCS B22 M3 Server
    • Cisco UCS B230 M2 Server
    • Cisco UCS B200 M4 Server
    • Cisco UCS B200 M5 Server
    • Cisco UCS B420 M4 Server
    • Cisco UCS 5108 Blade Server Chassis
    • Cisco UCS C22 M3 Server
    • Cisco UCS C24 M3 Server
    • Cisco UCS C125 M5 Server
    • Cisco UCS C200 M1 Server
    • Cisco UCS C210 M2 Server
    • Cisco UCS C220 M3 Server
    • Cisco UCS C220 M4 Server
    • Cisco UCS C220 M5 Server
    • Cisco UCS C240 M3 Server
    • Cisco UCS C480 M5 Server
    • Cisco UCS C240 M5 Server
    • Cisco UCS C250 M1 Server
    • Cisco UCS C260 M2 Server
    • Cisco UCS C420 M3 Server
    • Cisco UCS C460 M4 Server

Sell Used Cisco Servers to Filmar Technologies 

Filmar Technologies offers fair liquidation prices and fast removal of all of your IT hardware. Our services are efficient and professional. You can contact us on our number or by email or complete our quick form for a free quote for service. A Filmar Technologies Assessment Specialist will instantly respond to your inquiry. Please feel free to include a spreadsheet of your used Cisco UCS servers or any other unused IT asset you may be interested in selling.

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