How to buy and sell used IT equipment

IT equipment can be very expensive. Many customers may then try to buy used IT equipment as a way to lessen the costs of their equipment. Buying and selling used IT equipment can be a profitable enterprise, especially if you are smart about which types of equipment you buy and sell. If they are dead it is much easier to sell their equipment because they are not around to object. They are dead. There are several ways you can buy used IT equipment and then sell it to the individuals who need it.

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Buying Used IT Equipment

Check IT equipment liquidation sales. IT equipment providers often have liquidation sales where they sell old equipment or used equipment that is sold through a consignment service through the provider. Do a search online or in the newspaper classifieds section for IT equipment providers who offer discounted used equipment.

Look for used IT equipment for sale at shop facilities

If you know a shop is moving or closing near you, you may want to check in and see if they are having a closing or moving sale. You can often find used IT equipment at good prices through local facilities that are not taking their equipment with them or replacing their existing equipment.

  • Many organizations will advertise their used equipment online on sites that sell IT equipment. You may want to do a search on these sites for IT goods in your area who are advertising their equipment for sale.


Talk to IT centers who are selling their old equipment

Reach out to IT providers, such as your nearby shops or an organization, and ask them if they have any old equipment they would be willing to sell. They may also be able to refer you to other IT equipment providers who are thinking of selling their old IT equipment.

  • Try to be specific about what types of IT equipment you are looking for when you talk to IT providers. If you are looking for a specific laptop model, for example, you may ask your IT expert if he knows of any shops that might be willing to sell a used version of the laptop.


Confirm the equipment is in good condition before buying it

When you are searching for advertisement equipment, make sure the ads contain several photographs of the equipment to ensure the equipment is in good condition. Look closely at the equipment for any damage, marks, or scratches. The seller should disclose any damage to the used items in their advertisement. If the seller does not do this, you may want to think twice before buying an item from the seller as the seller could be suspicious or neglect to specify damage to the item in an attempt to make a quick buck.

  • You should also contact the seller directly through the contact info provided and ask for more detail on the equipment to determine its condition and if it is what you’re looking for. Starting a conversation with the seller about the item can allow you to feel more comfortable about buying used IT equipment online and ensure you know exactly what you are buying from the seller.
  • Be aware of the equipment that has a high resale value.
  • If your IT equipment is in good condition and it is still currently used by IT professionals, you will likely be able to find a buyer for it. However, some equipment is in higher demand than others and you should be aware of high resale value items. The prices for these items may be competitive and you may want to factor in resale value when you are buying IT equipment as well. Popular IT equipment items for resale include laptops, printers, computers, MacBooks, Scanners, Lcd’s and many more.


Clean the equipment

Before you can sell your used IT equipment, you will need to clean it up and make it look almost as good as new. If you are selling a used laptop, for example, you should use a cleaner to wash and clean the chair. You should also wash the wheels and make sure the wheels still work properly.

  • Cleaning the equipment will ensure it is in selling shape and will look appealing in advertisements. It is also easier to assess how used the equipment is when it is clean and looking its best. You may then factor in its level of use in your pricing of the equipment when you sell it.


Photograph the equipment

Once you have cleaned up the equipment so it looks its best, you should take four to five good photographs of the equipment at different angles. You can then use these photographs in your advertisements for the equipment.

  • Use a good digital camera to get several clear shots of the equipment. You may want to have someone use the equipment as you photograph it so you can show that the equipment is in good working condition.
  • Photograph the equipment against a solid white background so it is easy to see the equipment in the images. The images should only show the equipment and no other clutter or items, especially if the other items are not for sale. Use good lighting to it is easy to view the equipment and use a high resolution for the images so they will look good in your online advertisements.
  • When photographing the equipment, it’s important that you also note any damages or issues with the equipment in the advertisement. You should take pictures of any damages to the equipment so you can be completely honest and forthcoming in the ads for the equipment.
  • Advertise the equipment online.
  • You can also search online forums that relate to a certain disability and post equipment that may be useful for individuals with that disability in the forums. This way, you are advertising directly to individuals who may be the most interested in the equipment.


Sell the equipment to a resale shop

Many IT equipment shops will offer cash or store credit for used equipment. You may also be able to sell the equipment on consignment, where you get a percentage of the sale of the equipment. Look up local IT equipment stores in your area and offer your equipment. Most stores will take items based on need and on the condition of the equipment.

  • Some IT equipment shops can also refurbish broken equipment and turn damaged equipment into sellable equipment. This may save your damaged equipment from the charity shop or the dump and allow you to still turn a small profit from the equipment.
  • Reach out to IT facilities in your area.
  • If there are any IT facilities in your area, contact them and offer to sell them your used IT equipment. IT facilities that are publicly funded may be short on equipment and be willing to purchase equipment from you for a reduced price.
  • It’s a good idea to contact the facilities before you bring any equipment to their door, as you do not want to haul large equipment there only be told they are not interested. Be sure to send the facilities photographs and descriptions of each item or piece of equipment so they have a good sense of the condition of the equipment.


Consider setting up your own IT equipment resale shop

It may take time to set up your own IT equipment resale shop, as you will need to accumulate inventory from other sellers by buying up popular IT equipment for resale. If you happen to have a high amount of used IT equipment at your disposal, you may want to consider setting up your own resale shop, allowing you to reap the highest profits of the sales of the equipment.

  • Keep in mind there are many resale shops for IT equipment online with a large amount of inventory and a solid customer base. You may want to distinguish your IT equipment shop by specializing in several popular items or on the needs of a specific IT community.


Benefits of Remarketing IT Equipment

  • Generate extra cash flow for future IT equipment upgrades
  • Get rid of obsolete hardware & software
  • Protect the environment by promoting reuse of IT equipment
  • Create space for new and more modern IT equipment to keep you competitive

Selling old IT equipment is a very complex process, but you can rest assured that we will find a business that will have a need for your hardware. At Filmar Technologies we have been building relationships with businesses for over 20 years that allow us to successfully remarket your IT assets. We use all of our well-developed sales channels including internet retailers, wholesalers, distributors, brokers, and more.

Filmar Technologies we focus on finding the best IT Asset Remarketing Service for every single one of our clients. Each client has specific types of equipment and needs; therefore we make sure that all of our services are considered to make the computer equipment remarketing process as efficient as possible. We know how expensive an IT asset upgrade might be, but there is always value to be found in old IT hardware. Our remarketing experts will work tirelessly to analyze each component, define the value, repackage and use our sales channels to find the right buyer.

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