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Sell Your Used Mitel VoIP Equipment

Some types of IT equipment lose their value faster than others but used Mitel phones retain their value long after they’ve been replaced. We Buy Used Mitel Phones. In fact, by liquidating your inventory of Mitel VoIP equipment, you may be able to recapture a significant return on your initial investment.

Filmar Technologies is an award-winning computer liquidation company specializing in buying bulk inventories of computer and networking equipment, including used VoIP phone systems. We work with a massive directory of secondary market buyers who are constantly looking for high-quality used VoIP phones and related IT hardware, so we can find buyers for your entire inventory, and this equates to a better return on your investment than other liquidators may be able to offer.

How Much is Your Mitel Phones Worth?

Filmar Technologies experienced Assessment Specialists can provide you with a fast, reliable, and free quote for your inventory of Mitel phones, VoIP equipment, and any other IT hardware you may be interested in selling. Our experts continually monitor current market values for all IT assets. Once the quote for service is agreed upon, we can arrange quick removal of the used IT equipment from your premises and deliver immediate payment.

Filmar Technologies is an intelligent choice when it comes to liquidating bulk IT inventories. We purchase all makes and models of used Mitel phone systems, including:

Used Mitel 5200 Series IP Phones

  • Mitel 5212
  • Mitel 5201
  • Mitel 5224
  • Mitel 5215
  • Mitel 5235
  • Mitel 5230
  • Mitel 5312

Used Mitel 5300 Series IP Phones

  • Mitel 5320
  • Mitel 5312
  • Mitel 5330
  • Mitel 5324
  • Mitel 5360
  • Mitel 5340

Used Mitel 8500 Digital Phones

  • Mitel 8568
  • Mitel 8528

Used Mitel Conference Phones

  • Mitel 5310
  • Mitel 5303

Used Mitel Console Units

  • Mitel 5550
  • Mitel 5540

Used Mitel Telephone Systems

  • Mitel SX-2000
  • Mitel SX-200

Get a Free Quote for Used Mitel Phone Systems

Filmar Technologies provides fair liquidation prices and fast removal of your excess IT assets. You can reach us by calling our number, by email, or simply complete our quick form for a free quote. We Buy Used Mitel Phones. A Filmar Technologies Assessment Specialist will instantly respond to your inquiry. Please include a spreadsheet of your used Mitel phones and VoIP equipment, as well as any other IT assets you’re interested in liquidating.

We Buy Used Mitel Phones

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