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Filmar Technologies Buys Complete Inventories of Used Aastra IP Phones

Suppose you have recently upgraded your business’s telephony system, and now you are now left with an excess of Aastra phones. We Buy Used Aastra Phones. Filmar Technologies offers award-winning, national liquidation services that can help your business manage its assets more effectively. We have a vast directory of buyers who may be interested in your used Aastra IP phones, SIP phones, and digital phone systems, so contact us today for a free quote.

Sell All of Your VOIP Phones 

Filmar Technologies liquidation services conveniently process your entire inventory in a single transaction. We purchase all makes and models. If it is determined that some of your equipment is not operable or financially obsolete, then we will dispose and recycle the equipment in the most environmentally responsible manner to eliminate risk to your company.

While we accept all makes and models of used Aastra phones, some of the models that are in high demand in the secondary market include:

Used Aastra SIP Phones

  • Aastra 6730i Series
    • 6731i
    • 6730i
    • 6735i
    • 6737i
    • 6739i
  • Aastra 6750i Series
    • 6753i
    • 6755i
    • 6757i
  • Aastra 9000i Series
    • 9143i
    • 9480i

Used Aastra IP Phones

  • Aastra 5300ip Series
    • 5370ip
    • 5361ip
    • 5380ip
  • Aastra 6770ip Series
    • 6775ip
    • 6773ip
  • Aastra 7400ip Series
    • 7434ip
    • 7433ip
    • 7444ip
    • 7446ip
  • Dialog 4400ip Series
    • 4422ip
    • 4420ip
    • 4425ip

Used Aastra Digital Phones

  • Aastra 5300 Series
    • 5370
    • 5361
    • 5380
  • Aastra 6750 Series
    • 6755
    • 6753
    • 6757
  • Aastra 6770 Series
    • 6771
    • 6775
    • 6773

If your equipment is not included on the above list, contact us with a description of your inventory, including brand names and models, and we will get back to you with a quote.

Get a Free Quote for Aastra Phones

Contact Filmar Technologies today to sell your used Aastra phones, IP phones, SIP phones, and digital phone systems. We Buy Used Aastra Phones. We guarantee fair liquidation prices of your excess IT assets. You can reach us by calling our number, by email, or simply complete our quick form, and a Filmar’s Assessment Specialist will instantly respond to you. Feel free to include a spreadsheet of the inventory you are interested in liquidating to help speed up the process.

We Buy Used Aastra Phones

Comments (2)

  • Heather Weirich Reply

    I have 28 aastra 9480i phones, and 5 aastra 6757i phones that I would like to sell

    February 14, 2022 at 9:41 am
  • Kenneth Maeland Reply


    In Norway there is no cable service no more.
    We have 2 Aastra PBX and a number of phones for sale.
    There are DECT cards, and analog and AD2 extension cards

    We may send the equipment

    June 16, 2022 at 10:33 am

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