How Do You Buy or Sell Old Servers?

How do you buy old servers

How Do You Buy or Sell Old Servers?

So you want to learn How to Buy or Sell Old Servers?

We buy Servers because they have lots of value left even after years of use!

If you have an excess of used servers that no longer operate in your company’s network infrastructure, we at Filmar can purchase the equipment from you in volume/bulk so you can recover some of the cost of your purchase.

When we buy used servers, our experienced team will quickly pay you and remove the equipment from your location. By utilizing Filmar, you will alleviate the burden of storing your used servers and the money you earn can be used for other projects.

  • We will provide a certificate of data destruction or a certificate of recycling.
  • One of Filmar Technologies’ many specialties is finding a solution for your server upgrade needs. We understand that the security of your data is a top priority, and we will assist you in receiving optimal financial compensation for your existing servers.

Click here to head over to our form to get you an offer!

Or you can contact one of our dedicated IT Server Specialists today for a quote:

Phil Biundo     Phil Contact Information

Our main line is 586-580-2524. Hit 7 to avoid the recording and reach us right away!

Once you have destroyed your data and removed your hard drives, provide the specifications to our Specialists by using the form at the top of the page or call us directly to discover what we can do for you.

How do you Buy or Sell Old Servers?

It’s pretty easy as long as you have something similar to the list below you can contact us direct.


Below is a list of Enterprise-Class Used Servers we are always buying:

HP 9000®, HP Integrity®

IBM AS/400, pSeries, iSeries

Sun Enterprise 10K, 12k, 15k, 20k, E25K


Used Blade Servers:

HP C7000 — BL Blade Servers BL260C, BL460C, BL480C

IBM® BladeCenter — HS20, HS21, HS22

Sun Blade 6000 — X6220, X6250, X6420, X64400

Dell PowerEdge M1000e, M600, M610, M710, 1855, 1955



Rack-Mount and Standalone Used Servers:

Aberdeen Storage Servers

HP Proliant: DL320, DL360, DL380, DL385, DL580, DL585

Dell PowerEdge: 1950, 2950, R210, R310, R410, R510, R710

IBM xSeries: x3250, x3550, x3650, X3850


       CIARA Servers

SGI Rackable Systems

       Custom Whitebox Servers

Penguin Computing: Custom Servers


We also buy the following used computer hardware products:





Other Equipment (Printers, VOIP, Audio/Video, etc.)


If you do not see your inventory on the list, don’t worry. Just contact us with a description of your equipment including brand names and we will get back to you with an accurate quote.

For fair prices and pickup of your used servers and other surpluses IT assets. We are one of the USA’s highest-paying used server buyers and would love to help you. We can be reached by calling 586-580-2524 Ext 7, by email, or just complete our quick form and Filmar will estimate and quickly respond to you. Feel free to include a spreadsheet of your used IT Equipment.


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