Filmar Leasing And Banking Solutions


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Filmar Leasing And Banking Solutions

We specialize in IT asset recovery, Insurance Inspections, Lease return management, IT assets in bankruptcy, Trustee sales, or Chapter 7, 11, and 13. We do all this with insured certified reporting via our Customer Asset Management system that fully tracks and audits each step.

By outsourcing your lease returns to Filmar technologies we can:

  • Assist in the Deinstallation of assets
  • Provide Data destruction and sanitization
  • Provide Private label Opportunities
  • Coordinate Logistics
  • Provide fair market value estimates and actual
  • Dispose and recycle IT assets with little to no value
  • Asset refurbishment and remarketing

Filmar can help.

If you are interested in implementing a lease return or sale, contact one of our IT Asset Disposition Specialists today.

  • Remarket your IT equipment
  • 60+ years of Combined IT experience
  • Specializing in PCs, Laptops, LED’s, Servers, Networks, Point of sale, and Barcode equipment
  • Online market to B2B marketplace
  • Market product your facility or ours

Facts about Filmar technologies Leasing, Insurance, and Banking Solutions

  • 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Filmar Environments are all Gated, 24/7 surveilled, secured, and monitored
  • Environmentally Temperature controlled to accommodate IT Equipment
  • Our insured process guarantees secure Data Wipes and shredding keeping your data safe
  • MDetailed audits with Photo images of each asset checked in.

Contact us and let our Banking specialist find a solution that fits your needs.