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What is forward logistics?

Forward logistics Definition is about selling your product to the open market. Forward logistics can also be product development to distribution to the end user. We track IT Assets in the Customer Management system and use automated information systems to test IT asset. Forward Logistics focuses on the process of selling your IT assets to the highest bidder or buyer. By outsourcing forward logistics to Filmar technologies we can:

• Reduce your lead-times
• Increase your service levels by responding faster to customer enquiries
• Reduce resources on customization
• Optimize your products to local customer demands

Filmar can help.

Ship your IT equipment from New Zealand to New Jersey back to Los Vegas Filmar can help.
We can Assemble, Test, Load software and provide forward logistics services to your end user.
Here are some of our detailed services

• Remarket your IT equipment
• 60+ years of Combined IT experience
• Specializing in PCs, Laptops, LED’s, Servers, Networks, Point of sale, and Barcode equipment
• Online market to B2B marketplace
• Market product your facility or ours
• K12 solutions for education
• Redeployment Corporate using your operating system image or ours

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