Buy Sell Used Computer Equipment

Buy Sell Used Computer

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• This proposal is an estimate. A Purchase Order must be issued prior to any collection or purchase
• Recovery values are based upon units being received in a complete and functional condition
• Recovery values are based upon units received in good cosmetic condition
• Recovery values are based upon asset details listed in this estimate
• Values will be reduced for any missing wrong or damaged equipment received
• If unit is non-functional and non-repairable per Filmar’s process, no value will be credited to the unit
• Equipment Title will transfer upon receipt at our facility
• Equipment should be insured for transport to prevent loss or damage in transit. We are not responsible for loss or damage in transit unless our carriers are used.

Here is some contact info and questions:

•For more information or for inquiries of any kind, please call (586) 580-2524 or email

•learn more about Filmar Technologies by going to our story page here.

•To learn more about IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) business Check Out our LinkedIn in page

•Thank you

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