Monitoring Virtual Machines: A Strategy

If you have exceptionally adept users of your technologies, you may have run into the issue of users circumventing certain policies and limitations by creating multiple virtual machines that have no limits on their usage. This can become a nightmare for IT professionals, who are not only tasked with hardware issues and software updates but also with monitoring several functions of a company’s IT infrastructure.

Stacking Laptops

How Many Laptops Can Be Safely Stacked Up?

Since my last blog post, a good question came from one of my followers:

“How many laptops can be safely stacked up? I am concerned with how much weight is going to be sitting on top and bottom of the laptop / notebook. At what point is there a need to be concerned about damage? Some of my co-workers think stacking no more than 10.”

There are three main considerations when stacking laptops.

Windows 10

Is Windows 10 Worth Waiting For?

Is Windows 10 the upgrade that everyone has been waiting for? Once the update rolls out, many I.T. Managers and Directors will slowly be forced into implementing the new software and possibly new hardware. For the I.T. Asset Liquidation community, this upgrade may be very beneficial triggering an influx of I.T. assets into the market.