Revolutionize Your Call Center with Cost-Effective Refurbished Hardware

Revolutionize Your Call Center with Cost-Effective Refurbished Hardware


In the bustling heart of the customer service industry, call centers are the critical link between businesses and their clients. Call Centers with Cost-Effective Refurbished Hardware and Efficiency are not just aspirational; they’re fundamental to success. This is the philosophy embraced by Filmar Technologies, where high-performance refurbished computers offer a prudent alternative to new equipment—substantial quality at a fraction of the cost.

Expert Insights from Phil Biundo

My name is Phil Biundo, and I am at the helm of Filmar Technologies. With 25 years of expertise in call center solutions, I understand the nuances of what makes a call center tick. My hands-on experience has been translated into curating the best-refurbished systems that promise performance and reliability.

The Starter System: Your Entry to Efficiency

Our Starter System, at just $199 per set with free shipping across the USA, presents:

  • A dependable Refurbished Dell 3020 SFF i5, boasting 8GB RAM and a 128SSD, complemented with a power cord.
  • A crisp Dell 24″ 2412h LCD monitor, complete with VGA and power cords.
  • A new generic USB keyboard and mouse.
  • A 90-day warranty with Windows 10 Home installed, ensuring peace of mind.

The Basic System: Elevate Your Call Center Operations

For those looking to step up, our Basic System at $249 includes:

  • An upgraded Refurbished Dell 5040 SFF i5 with 16GB RAM and a 256 SSD.
  • The reliable Dell 24″ 2412h LCD monitor.
  • New generic USB keyboard and mouse for a plug-and-play solution.
  • A 90-day warranty with Windows 10 Home, for uninterrupted service.

The Premium System: The Apex of Refurbished Efficiency

Our Premium System, for the competitive price of $349, offers unparalleled power with:

  • The top-of-the-line Refurbished Dell 7060 TINY i5-8th Gen with 16GB RAM and a 256 SSD.
  • A Dell 24″ 2412h LCD monitor for superior display quality.
  • Brand-new generic USB keyboard and mouse.
  • A 90-day warranty and Windows 10 Pro pre-installed for immediate deployment.

Software Compatibility Assurance

Every system is tested for compatibility with leading call center software solutions, including,,,,,,, and, ensuring that your refurbished hardware dovetails with your operational software.


Refurbished doesn’t mean second-best. It signifies savvy, sustainable choices for forward-thinking call centers. I stand by each system we offer, ready to help you choose the one that fits your center’s specific needs. At Filmar Technologies, we equip your call center with efficiency and a price point that respects your budget.

For personalized advice, you can reach out to me directly. With my extensive experience, I’ll help guide you to the refurbished solution that powers your call center to the next level. Visit us at for more information.

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