What does R2/ready for resale mean

R2 Ready for Resale

What does R2/ready for resale mean

Filmar Technologies is committed to the responsible recycling of all materials. We take a proactive and planned management approach to our business based on the Responsible Recycling R2 Ready for Resale (R2:2013) standard for industry best practices. Additionally, our management system foundation is structured according to the Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS). RIOS includes generally accepted practices for quality management, environmental protection, and worker health and safety in the recycling industry. We not only subscribe to these standards, but we also hold ourselves accountable to each through independent audit and certification.

As required by these standards and incorporated into our management system, this information is part of our proactive communication efforts. We respectfully request your cooperation in assisting filmar technologies with maximizing its goals to promote environmental responsibility and worker health and safety.

Understanding the R2/Ready labeling requirements of Provision 6

New labeling requirements for reusable equipment were introduced in R2:2013 to strengthen the standard and offer safeguards for buyers of refurbished electronics.  Provision 6 requires that all items for resale must clearly be labeled with one of three designations:

  1. Tested for Full Functions,  R2/Ready for Reuse
  2. Tested for Key Functions,  R2/Ready for Resale
  3. Evaluated and Non-Functioning, R2/Ready for Repair

Appropriate labeling must be included on at least one document tied to each sale, such as the Bill of Sale, Sales Order, Product Description, Invoice, or other accompanying documentation.  Regardless of the assigned category for reuse, all reusable products must be covered by a quality assurance plan and be wiped out of all data.  Using a laptop as an example, the descriptions below illustrate the differences between the three labels.

Tested for Full Functions, R2/Ready for Reuse 

Products with this label are sold to end users and are equivalent to new products, ready to be used out of the box with minimal setup.  All the functions of the laptop, including battery life, sound, video, drives, memory, processor, keyboard, etc., have been tested and found to be working.  The laptop has also been evaluated for cosmetic defects to ensure that deep scratches, broken latches, missing pieces, etc., are not present.  Finally, the computer is loaded with a legally licensed operating system and updated hardware drivers.

Tested for Key Functions, R2/Ready for Resale

Many times, buyers do not want the software loaded so that they can customize equipment for their customers.  Or perhaps the equipment was tested with a standard hard drive removed before the sale.  Equipment that has passed hardware tests for key functions, but that has missing components, hardware issues of secondary operations, or repairable cosmetic damages would be considered R2/Ready for Resale.  These defects must be clearly disclosed to the buyer in writing.  Products in this category could conceivably be tested as a whole unit, harvested for parts, and sold as individual parts instead of the entire unit.

Evaluated and Non-Functioning, R2/Ready for Repair

It provides maximum opportunity for reuse by routing equipment that is economically feasible to repair, to those refurbishers with the tools and qualifications to fix it.  The equipment must be evaluated before sale to ensure that the resale value will exceed the cost of repairs and that the equipment can be repaired.  R2/Ready for Repair equipment may only be sold to refurbishers or resellers that are qualified to test the equipment, and recycle the Focus Materials according to Provision 6(c)(3)(B).  Without meeting both requirements, this equipment must be recycled.


Filmar Technologies produces various products through our processing facilities. Products are managed onsite and through our downstream buyers according to the R2:2013 and RIOS standards. Focus Materials(FMs) are controlled under the R2:2013 standard and require special handling, controls, and reporting to protect from environmental impacts and health and safety risks.FMS are any of the following materials, including untested or non-working equipment containing these materials.

1. Circuit Boards – contained in all electronic devices
2. CRT Glass – contained in older televisions and monitors
3. Batteries – contained in most electronic devices as a primary or secondary power source or to maintain electronic storage of basic device information.
4. Mercury – contained in mercury relays on circuit boards or in fluorescent lamps in LCD televisions, monitors, and copiers.
5. Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCBs) – contained in older equipment, primarily in lighting ballasts, telecom equipment, and specialized military or laboratory-grade equipment manufactured before 1979.

Classification of Reusable products

Any equipment or components containing these FMs that are not tested and determined to meet the operational requirements of R2:2013 will require the buyer’s qualification before purchase.

  • R2:2013 has a specific classification of Reusable products. Tested and Full Functions, R2/Ready for Reuse – this equipment has been tested for full functionality and is expected to be ready for use by the end user out of the box, just like new equipment. Software, firmware, and drivers have been installed, there are no product defects, and no missing components/peripherals.
  • Tested for Key Functions, R2/Ready for Resale – this equipment has been tested for the “key functions” to work. Essential functions are those critical to the use of the equipment. For example, a cell phone may be able to make calls, but the camera may not function. These devices are sold to resellers who will make the equipment ready for reuse.
  • Evaluated and Non-Functioning, R2/Ready for Repair – this equipment has been assessed and determined to still have a reuse market and can be repaired for that intended reuse. It is evaluated to ensure the cost of testing or repair will not exceed the resale value of the equipment in a functional state. This equipment is sold to buyers with a particular niche for testing/repair of the equipment. The buyer may only resell this equipment as R2/Ready for Reuse or R2/Ready for Repair. Buyers must meet the qualifying requirements listed below.
    All other equipment is classified for materials recovery (recycling), with the rare exception of specialty or collectible electronics. Buyers are subject to the qualifications below.

Qualifying Information

In accordance with the requirements of R2:2013, buyers of untested or non-functioning electronics containingFMs will need to be qualified before purchase. AGR has established extensive protocols for qualifying buyers. Preference is given to buyers who are already R2:2013 certified. The following is general information on the requirements you can be expected to maintain conformance as a qualified buyer. This is not a one-time evaluation. Annual updates and re-qualification will be required. Onsite audits may be necessary.

Warranties and Returns

The following policies are established regarding the warranty of products sold and returns of defective products. Please note the specific differences based on the classification of the products in the below table.

Warranty: We only sell and ship products to United States addresses. Any warranties only apply to the first buyer listed on the sales order and to/from a United States shipping address. No refunds will be given for buyer’s remorse about a purchased product. We cannot guarantee the merchantability of any product for a specific purpose or use.

Packaging: All recipients are responsible for inspecting the packages or shipments for damage before opening. If the package is damaged in any way and potential damage to the product is suspected, recipients are responsible for taking pictures before unloading or opening the box and notifying us as soon as possible upon receipt. We will not be able to refund payments for products that are damaged in the shipment
without the evidence of the damage so that we may file claims with its carrier.

Refunds: Refunds will not be issued for buyer’s remorse or when the item can be exchanged for a like product. Refunds will only be issued to the original purchaser when the product is returned in the original condition it was shipped, including all components and technical specifications that match the item description.
General reimbursement exclusions:
1. We will not reimburse for products not returned in the original condition, including all components and technical specifications.
2. We will not reimburse for equipment found to be working or in the advertised description upon return.
3. We will not reimburse for shipping from locations other than the original delivery address.
4. We will not reimburse for shipments outside of the United States.

Warranty Procedures

1. Contact our sales representative who sold the product or call +1-586-580-2524.
2. Work with our staff to attempt resolution remotely.
3. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely and requires product return, the account representative will provide shipping instructions.
4. Provide the tracking number on the return shipment.
5. Upon receipt, the product will be evaluated and a corresponding resolution made.


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