QTY 500 DELL 3020 SFF

Dell 3020 SFF

QTY 500 DELL 3020 SFF

The Intel Dual Core 4th Gen processor of the DELL 3020 SFF Desktop runs at a clock speed of 3.4 GHz, allowing you blazing-fast and lag-free apps launch, HD video streams, internet gaming and a smooth multitasking experience on the whole. Whether it’s your presentation, docs work or your audio-visual entertainment, the 3.4 GHz Intel Dual Core 4th Gen processor handles it all effortlessly, giving you a high-speed seamless productivity.

Dell’s Optiplex 3020 SFF Desktop CPU comes packed in a stunning black chassis that looks attractive when kept along your computer monitor and peripherals. The slimline, compact product has 9.3 x 31.2 x 29 cm dimensions and does not occupy too much space unnecessarily whether you place it on your desk or on the floor.

We have QTY 500 units in stock @ $102 each

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