QTY 200 DELL 3050 SFF


QTY 200 DELL 3050 SFF

DELL 3050 SFF desktops come with all the same reliability and space-saving benefits you’ve come to expect without sacrificing power or performance. Take back your workspace: Custom-designed cable covers reduce clutter and match the chassis for a more efficient and visually appealing workspace. Features that drive business More powerful than ever: Designed around Intel 7th Gen 65W processors with support up to Core i5.

The Intel Optane MemoryTM greatly improves the performance of standard HDDs with the help of powerful PCIe SSD drives. Stronger signal: Improve wireless performance with the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi. Stay connected at a greater distance from your Wi-Fi router and deliver top Wi-Fi speeds for faster streaming. Secure, reliable, and manageable. A partner you can trust: MTBF Certified, the DELL 3050 SFF delivers the reliability and consistency your work demands. Every OptiPlex 3050 is available with Dell Command Suite, making driver, BIOS, and firmware updates easier. These free tools allow flexible and automated BIOS or system configurations for your company, allowing you to manage your fleet easily and securely every time.

We have QTY 200 units in stock @ $140 each

Your prices are too high! The prices listed are for customers who are buying 1 unit. If you want a better price, I will need you to help me by answering some questions below. If you need to purchase bulk, please let me know the following before I can provide you with an accurate quote.


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