Qty 400 HP 840 G4 16gb 256 SSD LOT

HP 840 G4 Laptop

Qty 400 HP 840 G4 16gb 256 SSD LOT

Questions about our Grade A HP 840 G4 Laptop lot that is ready to ship are answered below.

First thing what spec.

  • QTY 400pcs in stock HP ELITEBOOK 840 G4
  • i5-7200u, 2.5ghz,
  • 16GB RAM
  • 256 SSD
  • 14″ FHD TOUCH SCREEN, WIN 10 PRO(COA Digital License)
  • Price $160 USD all the units are Grade A

This HP ELITEBOOK 840 G4 laptop features an i5 intel i5-7200u CPU @ 2.5ghz (14″ FHD TOUCH SCREEN) 16GB RAM WIN 10 PRO(COA Digital License) but has ///NO BATTERIES/// NO AC ADAPTER // installed. SCREWS ARE MISSING FROM BACK COVERS. I have this video of the product below.

The most crucial benefit of this product is?

You can upgrade the ram, hard drive, and battery quickly while making it easier for you to make that extra margin on upgrades or get the setup of the laptop the way you want. 

The HP 840 series is a trendy model that is easy to sell. The G4 model is a new model having a 7th Gen CPU, making this laptop a hot model because it can be completed upgraded and traded for under $500. Check this out on Backmarket https://www.backmarket.com/search?q=840%20g4&ga_search=840%20g4 

What makes this product different?

Is the grade of these laptops is excellent, and the computer is very durable. Cosmetic grading is A-Grade and being that the screens are touchscreen, you are not going to see screen blemishes. Yes, we checked them all for this defect. 

The competition for this product is going to be the following laptops.

I think the HP 840 G4 laptop comes out on top. 

  • Lenovo ThinkPad T470s
  • Fujitsu LifeBook U747
  • HP EliteBook 840 G3 
  • Dell Inspiron 15 
  • Dell Latitude 7470

Who and what can you use this product for?

Depending on the product upgrades, you can pretty much do everything you need for home and office use. Great for schools and training and rentals. 

What problems does this product solve?

If you require a powerful laptop sub $600 this solves that problem. If you need to get 100+ units rolled out in a quick pinch, this is a great solution. 

Why buy this product?

HP is a name-brand laptop, and it has high brand recognition. The EliteBook brand from HP steps the brand up a notch making it a great business notebook that is trusted for many years. 

Who buys these laptops?

We at Filmar have bought millions of HP laptops on the secondary off-lease market. We have refurbished, tested, audited them, and resold them for many years with very few durability and quality complaints. 

Here are the product dimensions. 

1.48 kg ( = 52.21 oz / 3.26 pounds), Power Supply: 283 g ( = 9.98 oz / 0.62 pounds)

Payment and shipping questions.

We can ship 24 to after payment, and we can offer a warranty of up to 30 once you receive the product. 


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