How to compete against Apple

Compete against Apple

How to compete against Apple

Many years ago, we used to own and operate a retail computer repair shop. I remember when the first few Apple stores opened up around town. One of them was around the corner from our store.

We were all worried about losing business. I decided to walk down there and look around to see what all the excitement was all about. Apple sure knew how to create a buzz in the community. I walked into the store, took a look around, and noticed something. I went back to my office and bought every used and refurbished Apple product laptop I could find. We tested and cleaned each unit.

How to compete against Apple What I noticed is that the Apple store did not have anything used. We changed course and set ourselves up to sell used and refurbished Apple products. The next day I went and bought pizzas around lunchtime and dropped them off at the Apple store. I gave them all my business cards and said, you guys push to sell new, but if you have customers who cannot afford new Apple products, send me those customers, and I will keep buying you guys lunch.

Learn to adapt and shift your efforts in this market. I hope this story helps open your mind to alternative selling solutions.

Thank you for reading.

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