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The latest in Logic Supply’s continuing efforts in the realm of Silent Computing is the ML400 series, which features mini-ITX boards in robust, fanless cases. A close look at the ML400G-50, based around a mobile 4200M chip in the ASRock IMB-180 motherboard.

While fanless PCs have been around for well over a decade, it’s only in recent
years that their full silent potential came to fruition with the descent of
solid state drive pricing into affordability. Logic Supply has been working
this sector for many years, with a signficant portion of their catalog devoted
to small, fanless, silent PCs, particularly for industrial and commerical use.
These systems are more powerful than ever before, despite their small size and
low power profile, thanks to improvements in CPU energy efficiency and sheer
computing power.

The latest of Logic Supply fanless system samples to arrive at SPCR is a mini-ITX
system sporting an Intel Core i5-4200M (Haswell) 2.5 GHz Processor, a middle-class
dual-core mobile processor launched in Q2 2013. The dimunitive 2.2 liter case
is the heatsink for the CPU; it siphons the heat to the all-aluminum cover for
convection cooling. The silver and bright orange may look familiar; it is the
same motif featured in the Logic
Supply ML300
, a fanless NUC-based system.


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