3 Things Filmar learned this week

3 Things Filmar learned this week

We learned that video does sell! I would like to welcome and thank all the new customers for their orders.

So here is a summary of what is left available to sell. If any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here is a list with 237 laptops priced out or your best offer.
Download spreadsheetUpdated laptop list with prices

This is a list of the IBM Servers we have in stock.
Download spreadsheetFilmar Servers 1-20-20

These are Receipt Printers we have in stock. 4610-2CR is one of the model numbers that are popular in the lot.
Download spreadsheetFilmar Receipt Printer 1-20-21

This lot is the Hand Scanner lot. This model MC3190 is common in this list.
Download spreadsheetFilmar Hand Scanner 1-20-21

This is the Telecom lot. We get this type of equipment often but there are a lot of 9608 IP Phones in this lot.
Download spreadsheetFilmar Telecom 1-20-21

This is a list of all our laptop batteries that are working pulls. Here are few models they work on HP EliteBook 755 G4 840 G4 848 G4 850 840 G1 E7440, Latitude E7450 Series
Download spreadsheetLaptop Batteries Lot 1-20-21

OnLogic formerly Logic Supply,
We can work out a great deal on these.
Download spreadsheetLogic Supply Thin Client 1-20-21

Below is video of how they look.

This is video of the netowrk lot
Here is what is left https://filmar.com/2021/01/28/network-lot-liquidation-cisco-hp-aruba-procure/

This is video of the New in the box liqudaiton lot
Here is what is left https://filmar.com/2021/01/25/enterprise-printer-lot-all-new-liquidation/

This is video of the Panasonic Toughbook CF-2 Lot
I will update this list over the weekend.

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