4500 Dell Desktops Ready to ship

used desktops computers

4500 Dell Desktops Ready to ship

We’re going to sell these units as a “take entire location” basis only. So customers will just pick out what skids they want. We can do better pricing on 3 or more skids. Let me know if you have any questions.
4500 Dell Desktops
Below is some video of the lot. You can download the spreadsheet with the prices here.
4500 Dell Desktops

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Miguel Perez 

Filmar Technologies, LLC

Global IT Sales

Ventas por mayor en Español y Ingles Internacionales

Peter Orlando

Filmar Technologies, LLC

Global IT Sales & Service



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USA 1+586 840-8662


Contact Info

USA 1+586 991-7078



1+ 849 353 6169

Skype : filmar.ventas

Skype : peter.filmar

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  • hossam gaber Reply

    Hello, I want to do a mutual trade with us, and it will be a strong and continuous trade. Every month we will take a 40-foot container of desktop computers, mobile devices, monitors, keyboard and mouse. I want a number to communicate by phone in America.

    July 10, 2020 at 9:03 am


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