Your computer is your number one business tool

Your computer is your number one business tool

Your computer is your number one business tool

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Your computer is your number one business tool. It’s like a paintbrush to an artist or chisel to a sculptor. It helps you create income. Apart from personal interaction and the customer service that you provide to your customers, it’s the heartbeat of your business.

That’s why today top IT people invest a few more dollars and choose either an HP 840 G1 with 8gb ram and SSD drive or an HP Probook 645 G1 with 8gb ram and SSD Drive.

That’s because amateur IT products limit your income capability because it doesn’t have a fraction of the features that pro laptops give you. Those laptops you see at BestBuy are just designed for the newbie. Those are products are for beginners, not for you.

Also, those products frustrate the heck out of serious IT buyers because it’s made for ordinary Joe Blow user who expects very little except being able to make a simple word document or spreadsheet for the neighborhood association.

When you invest in HP 840 G1 or an HP Probook 645 G1. You join today’s elite IT people, like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, and Larry Page, the one working on multi-billion dollar deals.

These guys laugh at those consumer laptops and wouldn’t touch it. Neither would I want to. You for sure don’t want to waste time setting up and installing software onto laptops that have been proven over decades by thousands of IT pro’s

The bottom line question to ask is, Why do IT people of this caliber choose laptops like HP 840 G1 or HP Probook 645 G1 over all other IT consumer laptops. And the answer is obvious once you start using them.

I like to consider my self-more of an industry educator than a salesperson. I study my customer’s trends/needs and then try to advise buyers/sellers like myself. My job is to present what I’ve learned and help you make an informed decision. Fact is, I’m happy to help you no matter who you ultimately buy from.

Thank you

Phil Biundo


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  • Sara Gepp Reply

    This is so true. Any trades person will tell you, you always need the right tools for the job to get a job done right.

    February 17, 2019 at 9:39 pm


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