A word of warning to buyers: there’s no agreed-upon definition for refurbished

A word of warning to buyers: there’s no agreed-upon definition for refurbished

A word of warning to buyers: there’s no agreed-upon definition for refurbished

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A word of warning to buyers: there’s no agreed-upon definition for refurbished, remanufactured, reconditioned, pre-owned, certified, authorized or even used when it comes to IT equipment. Each retailer will have its own guidelines for how to categorize refurbished tech products, which might be confusing. But with common sense and a little research, you can probably find a Grade A product in “like-new” condition.

Hesitant to purchase off-lease refurbished technology? Let’s put your fears at ease. Armed with a bit of knowledge, you’ll see why there’s little reason to worry about buying a business refurb.


Buying Commercial Technology

Where do you buy Refurbished Tablets Laptops Desktops? First things first: what actually is off-lease commercial technology? Well, tech manufacturers go to great effort to distinguish their consumer product lines from their professional lines, marketing each separately to their target buyer. But in many cases, individual home users would be wiser to ignore the marketing and go for the commercial tech products. For one, consumer product lines are usually designed with style and aesthetics in mind, while commercial tech products such as laptops offer a tougher frame, more configuration options and overall better usability.


Commercial notebooks, for example, are purchased by the thousands and are expected to last 3-5 years. And in order for manufacturers to keep commercial clients happy, those business laptops, desktops and LCD’s have to meet a higher standard of quality. So even if you’re a consumer who’s not going to use the laptop for “work,” but rather for writing emails or social media posts and surfing the Web, you’re probably better off buying a commercial notebook that’s optimized for productivity yet affordable.


Later on, I’ll cover in more detail the differences in consumer and business laptops. For now, I want to focus on the reasons why you should or should not buy refurbished technology.


Buying Refurbished Commercial Technology


It may surprise you to know that when it comes to products like desktop and laptop PCs—even printers, phones, and other peripherals—unless they are beyond repair, chances are what you return as faulty will ultimately end up going back on the shelves. And, the second time around it’s likely you’ll see those products at a much lower price. Most IT refurbishers will go out of their way to make sure these products work like new, even if they’re not.

What is Reconditioning?


ReconditionIn order to get a PC back on the shelves, IT refurbishers will put it through tests, wipe the operating system clean, and make sure a new OS is freshly installed (though some customers do prefer to not have anything installed at all). The product then goes into a fresh box and is put out for sale. Legally, it can’t be called brand new, and that means it’s typically priced lower.


We suggest buying a refurb directly from someone with a solid track record of selling refurbished technology. My top tip is to look at online reviews on eBay, Google reviews, Amazon, and the Better Business Bureau, if you can. Always look to buy from someone you trust. Make sure you triple-check the seller’s return policy and that you have at least a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy.


Downsides to Refurbs


Sound too good? Okay, let’s talk about potential downsides. The reasons not to get a refurbished PC can be both practical and psychological. Some buyers aren’t thrilled with the idea of buying any technology that isn’t brand new.


If you just can’t stand other people touching your stuff—even before it was yours—then a refurb might not be the way to go. Another drawback is that a refurb can’t be customized to order. There are a very few companies out there, like Filmar Technologies, that will customize a refurbished PC to your exact needs. But naturally, that comes with an extra cost. These days, selecting an off-the-shelf IT product from an online store line like Newegg or Amazon, when the option is always out there to endlessly configure your own system, might be a bit disheartening for some buyers.


Where to buy Refurbished Tablets Laptops Desktops


Warranty - One yearThe major online PC retailers almost always have part of their online store devoted to selling reconditioned systems at a discount. Here are a few to check out. Okay, admittedly our list might be a little biased since we’re an IT refurbisher, but here are some links to start with:


Newegg.com http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=1065657168&ShowDeactivatedMark=False&IsNodeId=1&sstore=1


Newegg has a great selection of new and refurbished tech with an honest review history.





Great selection but pricey. The reviews are good, but you have to be careful about dishonest reviews among them. I’ve read that lately Amazon is working to clean up the fake reviews.





eBay is a great option with honest reviews, but stay away from the sellers that have only 1 or 2 in stock. Choose a seller with 5 or more items in stock to be on the safe side.


Can’t find what you need online or need something custom we can help. Filmar Technologies has a dedicated team to support your needs. Here is the number 586-580-2524


To sum it up: look around. When it comes to tech products, don’t get locked into “new,” when “like new” will serve you just as well and save you cash.


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