how to find out what generation my intel processor is

how to find out what generation my intel processor is

How to find out what generation my intel processor is?

The term Generation is loosely assigned to Intel processors to mean new and significant developments in processor architecture or functions.

Below is a list of desktops and laptops with named generation next to them.

LaptopHPElitebook8440pIntel2nd Generation
LaptopHPElitebook8460pIntel2nd Generation
LaptopHPElitebook8470pIntel3rd Generation
LaptopHPElitebook850 g1Intel4th Generation
LaptopHPElitebookFolio 9470mIntel3rd Generation
LaptopDellLatitudee6430Intel3rd Generation
LaptopDellLatitude3470Intel6th Generation
LaptopDellLatitudee4310Intel1st Generation
LaptopDellLatitudee6420Intel2nd Generation
LaptopDellLatitudee6410Intel1st Generation
LaptopHPElitebook6360bIntel2nd Generation
LaptopHPElitebook6450bIntel1st Generation
LaptopHPElitebook6460bIntel2nd Generation
LaptopHPElitebook6470bIntel3rd Generation
LaptopHPElitebook6550bIntel1st Generation
LaptopHPElitebook6570bIntel3rd Generation
Desktop SFF or TowerHPElite6200 ProIntel2nd Generation
Desktop SFF or TowerHPElite6300 ProIntel3rd Generation
Desktop SFF or TowerHPElite8100Intel1st Generation
Desktop SFF or TowerHPElite8200Intel2nd Generation
Desktop SFF or TowerHPElite8300Intel3rd Generation
Desktop SFF or TowerHPElite800 g1Intel4th Generation
Desktop SFF or TowerDELLOptiplex3010Intel3rd Generation
Desktop SFF or TowerDELLOptiplex7010Intel3rd Generation
Desktop SFF or TowerDELLOptiplex790Intel2nd Generation
Desktop SFF or TowerDELLOptiplex9020Intel4th Generation
Desktop SFF or TowerDELLOptiplex980Intel1st Generation
Desktop SFF or TowerDELLOptiplex990Intel2nd Generation

I will be updating this list weekly. If you don’t see it above you can watch this quick video to check which one you have.

The video shows how check the generation of the new “core i ” series processors



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