Your K12 Technology Solution: Think Refurbished!

K12 Solution

Your K12 Technology Solution: Think Refurbished!

K12 Solution

Your K12 Technology Solution

For a K12 Technology Solution, one doesn’t have to look far into the American Educational System to find places where a shortage of funds has led to an impact on students and teachers. Across the country, programs, clubs, and even teacher’s salaries are being cut to preserve the “essentials” of the educational system for our students. The problem is, while the United States registers at the top of the pack for individual student spending, we rank near the middle when it comes to actual student performance.

How can our schools stem the bleeding?

With school districts competing with one another to keep up with new technology trends, it can be hard to know where to start.  Often, the simplest solution is the most overlooked: Refurbished Technology.  This term often scares off those who are in charge of purchasing for fear that they will be throwing away money.  There are several reasons that Refurbished Technology is the smart move for K12:

Refurbished Computers Last

While what you may picture is an old, worn-out computer well past its prime, the majority of refurbished IT technology is newer equipment that has simply outlived its very short term lease. Corporations often lease their hardware for 1-2 years, and then get brand new technology when the lease is up. This has nothing to do with the performance of the actual hardware, and more to do with the truly competitive nature of the business world. These machines often come with a 1-5 year warrantee from the refurbisher. Further, these machines have been broken in and are equipped to perform at the level expected in a corporate environment. Therefore…

Refurbished Computers are Powerful

The average executive running a business class machine is expecting a lot out of that piece of technology. Often running multiple programs at once with little room for error, these machines are tried and true in an environment that is much more demanding than the average K12 classroom.

Refurbished Computers are Solid

As any Microsoft Certified Refurbisher will tell you, refurbished technology undergoes a rigorous series of tests and checkpoints prior to leaving the warehouse. Each machine must be thoroughly inspected, because the refurbishing company is liable for its replacement. Any technology assets that register as subpar are immediately removed from the marketplace and scrapped for parts. It is just as important to the refurbisher that you get what is promised out of the machine, as most reputable refurbishers issue 1-5 year warrantees depending on the computer in question. With at least one full year of use with replacement guaranteed, refurbished computers are a smart move for any K12 classroom.

Refurbished Computers Make Financial Sense

With so many other demands on school district resources, it stands to reason that a significant savings on technology should be a motivator for those whose job it is to keep their eye on the bottom line. Often a full upgrade of an entire class’ technology assets can be accomplished for a fraction of the cost that new technology would run. With higher quality, long-lasting assets getting into the hands of students, while saving money, the school district will experience an all too rare win-win situation, and students will be the ones who benefit the most.

I’m Michael Scamardella, Sales Director for Filmar Technologies. I’ve been supplying off lease and refurbished equipment to many industries and disciplines for the last 7 years at points all over the globe. I have a B.A. in Communications with a focus on Media Studies from Western Michigan University. I am fascinated with the cultural and economic effects of technology, past, present, and future. I truly enjoy writing about and discussing ideas and concepts of modern technology in our professional and personal lives and the ubiquitous role it plays in this modern global climate.

Interested in finding out more about Refurbished IT Equipment vs. New?

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